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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Phil O'Connell, who covers the Cwmbran and Pontypool area.

As the weather begins to improve we see extra demands put on us as in Torfaen.

A planned rave over the bank holiday weekend took up a lot of time, to ensure it didn’t go ahead.  These unlicensed events are not only illegal but see an increased risk of substance misuse.  With no paramedics or security staff on site, the outcomes can often result in harm to people who attend.  I’d like to thank members of the public for informing us of the plans for this rave, allowing us to direct resources and disrupt it before getting established.

Another seasonal issue began this month, with Torfaen seeing a large woodland fire in the Thornhill area of Cwmbran.  Despite the great efforts of the Fire Service in educating people, fire setting remains an ongoing trend in the South Wales region.  Joint patrols with Police and the Fire Service are already planned to ensure that people intent on starting grass and wooded section fires will be caught and prosecuted.

The results of the Your Voice survey are currently in and the neighbourhood policing teams are pouring over these, ensuring that the issues you have raised as being of main concern in your community will be addressed.  Officers and Community Support Officers will be meeting with our partner agencies to decide how we can best tackle these problems in order to make your community a better place.  Please keep an eye on the following link and select the area you live or work in to see what we are going to focus on.

There has been some great drug enforcement work taking place this month with a number of raids being conducted.  Seizures of Class A and B drugs along with large amounts of cash is representative of the lifestyle drug dealers lead in Torfaen.  My message is clear, we will pursue people involved in this level of criminality and will use all departments at our disposal to make sure people cannot continue their illegal activities in Torfaen.  If you know of anyone supplying drugs or having access to large amounts of money or leading extravagant lifestyles with no explanation for it, ring 101 or get in touch with the neighbourhood team.

Another example of the proactive police work on going is the arrest of a number of people in stolen vehicles.  Whilst in custody, further searches were completed of the arrested persons houses and further enquiries are taking place in order to reunite what is believed to be stolen property with their rightful owners.

I had the pleasure of meeting with a local mental health champion this week who is looking to secure funding from the Police and Crime commissioners fund in order to provide a counselling and behavioural service to young children and their families in Torfaen.  This lady will soon be making her pitch to the panel in order to secure funding to allow her service to continue.  If any of you know of any youth engagement schemes operating in Torfaen that require funding in order to operate please take a look at the following link via the PCC’s website to see if your cause is eligible. 

Lastly, I want to finish on a worthy cause and thank Logan, Holly, Dan and Ellie from the Volunteer Pontypool Cadet scheme.   The cadets raised over £100 by making tea and toast for officers from around the force.  The money is going to a young woman who is terminally ill so their efforts are massively appreciated.  Thank you.

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Inspector Phil O'Connell