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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, John Davies, who covers the central Newport area

This is my second Blog since taking over the City Centre in November. It’s been a really busy few months and plans to make the City Centre a place where people feel safe are starting to take shape.

We were supported by a large number of Probationary Constables over the festive period and this put a large number of police officers in the city, where we needed them most.  This is not a sustainable approach but it meant that violent crime and alcohol related disorder on traditionally busy dates was kept low as we were able to pre-empt offences.

The new “Your Voice” priorities are heavily focused around a few strands of anti-social behaviour and in particular begging.  It’s a really emotive issue and this week Helen Wilke from Newport Council and I were questioned on this issue by a Scrutiny Committee made up of local councillors as we look to amend the Public space protection order for the City Centre.  There is still some way to go and gathering opinions from experts from charitable organisations will be a vital step in this process. 

Making sure that we support vulnerable people is essential, however, there will unfortunately be a number of people who refuse our help and who continue to intimidate others; these individuals will be subject to enforcement.   We will be taking this back to the Committee later this month so decisions can be made regarding taking this forward to the Council.

The PSPO doesn’t just look at begging. There are a few suggested amendments around dealing with large groups of youths who gather in the city centre during certain times of the day, people cycling dangerously in pedestrianised areas and the continuation of the alcohol exclusion zone, which enables us to deal with people getting drunk in our public spaces.

There will be a public consultation on the proposed changes to the PSPO and I would urge you all to take part.  It is essential that those making the decisions are aware of your views.  We will publicise the consultation as soon as it is available but, as ever, if you have any concerns over issues that you believe we should be dealing with, please feel free to contact me using the details at the end of my blog.

Three new probationary constables have joined the City Centre this month and another two are due to start in February.  I’d like to welcome PC’s Mitchell, Dallimore and Jenkins to the police family. They are all keen to make a difference and this should worry anyone who falls inside our priorities!

Your views on the visibility of my team are important to me so please let me know what you think – I will welcome your feedback whether it’s good or bad.  

I am keen to let those residents who have stayed away from the City Centre because they have felt unsafe, that it is getting better.  My team is dedicated to tackling crime and making Newport City Centre a place you can enjoy again.

We recently welcomed Leeds UFC to Newport and the atmosphere was electric!  After winning the game, Newport County remain in the FA Cup and we will be welcoming Tottenham Hotspur very soon.   Whilst we appreciate football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, we have to make sure that those attending the match and those living their lives around the event are kept safe. It’s always nice when the city has something to shout about. I’m sure the visit of Tottenham will equally enjoyable for all concerned. 

There is so much more going on in the background but I don’t want to pre-empt some tangible news so I’ll wait until next month update you.

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