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Your latest Blog from your local Inspector, Arwel Hicks, who covers the Abergavenny and Monmouth areas

The summer has reverted to its variable self, after a promising start, however the Velothon was great success.  The number of incidents were negligible and crowds certainly came out to support the riders.  Usk and its surrounding hamlets joined in with all the adorned bikes placed outside business premises, houses and schools alike.  So well done all and here's to next year!

In past blog's I have mentioned the 'Public Space Protection Order' what we had obtained, with our partners, for Fairfield Car Park in Abergavenny.  If you remember, we were awaiting the appropriate signage, so action could take place.  We now have those and have reported two persons for these offences and I believe local residents have seen a marked improvement to the levels of Anti-Social Behaviour in the area.  We will not rest on our laurels, and are hoping to include some physical barriers to disrupt any future problems.

We have also obtained a Closure Notice for a House of Multiple Occupancy within Abergavenny Town.  This has been achieved with the backing of the landlord, who has supported our action and now has their premises back.  This was a house that attracted the unwanted attention from those with little respect for the community and their actions were having a detrimental effect on local residents.  Good work PC Hollings and team!

Rural Crime is another reoccurring theme, especially in the Usk and Monmouth area, and we are, again, working with partners towards making the countryside safer.  We have completed a second night-time, multi-agency operation and sent a message to those who believe they can steal and poach with impunity on your land and property.  Keep it up PC Butt and crew!

We have made arrests with regards rural burglaries and thefts of vehicles and three persons are on bail for these offences.  We have assisted West Mercia Police in the arrest of these individuals for similar offences in their area and we will further collaborate to make best use of resources in bringing these people to justice.  These people are those who will travel from outside the county to commit these offences. 

I must reiterate the need for you to secure sheds and outbuildings properly and not to leave keys to vehicles within them or visible in porches and the like.  If you need any crime prevention advice please contact your local stations for our trained officers to attend and complete surveys or give advice.  Prevention is far better than cure!

On a happier note, I have attended Abergavenny and Monmouth Town Councils recently to give updates and I have one planned soon in Usk.  I am more than happy to attend other such groups if you feel it will be of value.

Take care, be safe and lock those sheds and barns!

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Inspector Arwel Hicks