Inspector Neil Jones

Your latest blog from your local Inspector, Neil Jones, who covers Abergavenny, Monmouth and Usk

When asked to update my blog this month, my overriding thoughts were of a number of recent incidents where your Monmouthshire officers have demonstrated the utmost in professionalism, determination, compassion and resilience. I don't wish to detail the specific incidents but as a supervisor I am often guilty of failing to appreciate the work ethic and commitment of my officers who strive, through competing demands, to protect our communities.

They work long unsociable hours, often forgo their meal breaks and are exposed to both dangerous and disturbing situations. They are still expected to demonstrate critical decision making skills, be capable of detaining  violent individuals and caring for vulnerable victims, often in the same moment.

In this last week alone I have been introduced to a number of people who comment, 'I could never do your job....'. Whilst I accept it is an increasingly demanding job it is one that is carried out by the ordinary men and women who live in our communities. We find it both a challenging and rewarding, if sometimes frustrating role; next time you meet one of my officers ask them how they are!

We have welcomed a number of new probationary officers to Monmouthshire this year which has increased our resources. They are all contributing fully, learning quickly on the job and bringing their own personality, skills and abilities to the role.

Patrol priorities for officers in Chepstow and Caldicot include retail theft and anti-social behaviour in Thornwell and Magor. In Abergavenny and Monmouth officers are focussing on rural burglaries and officers are interviewing three suspects as I draft this blog.

Your Community Support Officers are active in their local schools. CSO Sara Mason has been educating local primary students in Monmouth on rural and wildlife crime and they have produced drawings that will be used our crime prevention literature. In Chepstow, CSO Bethan Winstone has joined with the Dell Primary School and the Policing and Crime Commissioner to design road safety leaflets to address dangerous and inconsiderate parking near their school.

The recent Your Voice surveys have been completed and local officers will be developing their actions plans with our partner agencies to tackle the local issues you have identified.

Could I also ask you to view the Gwent Safeguarding website it offers advice and guidance on how to identify and report adults or children at risk. Whilst professionals have a duty to report members of the public can also report their concerns and help keep our communities safe.

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