Application Process

Application Form

To pass this stage, you'll need to fill out a competency-based application form. If you pass the basic eligibility criteria already discussed, we'll assess your answers to the competency-based questions. Try to answer the questions as carefully and as fully as you can. Please check your spelling and grammar: applications with more than ten spelling and grammar mistakes will be rejected.

Assessment Centre (if applying for Communication Suite role)

If applying for the role of Communication Suite Operator you will be required to pass an assessment centre session prior to being invited to interview.

The assessment centre will start with an activity that is designed to be an ice breaker - it will not contribute to the marks but is designed to introduce and relax candidates and staff.  Following the ice breaker, you will be expected to complete four different assessment activities, each of which will be fully explained to you at the time. 

  • The first assessment has been designed to test your ability to extract and record relevant information from simulated telephone calls
  • The second assessment tests your thought logic process.  You will need to assess situations and use your judgement to measure the situation against set criteria
  • The third is a test of your ability to multi-task, where you will be expected to listen to information, picking out the relevant parts whilst at the same time recording it accurately and working out the correct place to record it
  • The fourth is a test of your listening and keyboard skills during which you will be listening to a transcript that you will be required to type at approximately 30 words per minute.  Spelling mistakes will be penalised in this activity

Competency Based Interview

This will be a competency based interview in line with the advertised competencies relevant to the role, conducted by a panel of three.

Pre-Appointment Checks

Following interview you will need to provide a three-year reference history and pass through a thorough security vetting process. In addition, for some roles, you maybe required to attend a Health Check appointment, to ensure any reasonable adjustments are recommended and arranged prior to appointment.

Successful Appointment

Once you have completed all pre-employment checks, we will liaise with you and the department to arrange a suitable start date.