Your Voice

Your Voice is how we find out if there are any issues affecting your community. By talking to you, we aim to identify those issues that are important to you.

We won't be doing this alone - we will be working closely with our partners, such as Local Authorities.

Let's Decide

  • Every six months we will be asking you what issues, if any, are affecting you
  • We will conduct a survey that you can complete online and Community Support Officers (CSOs) will be asking residents face-to-face in your community
  • Once the surveys are completed and we have consulted with the community we can identify your top priorities

Let’s Act

  • Once the priorities have been identified, we will work with our partners to address them
  • We will publicise your local priorities on our website, social media, Gwent Now and on posters within the local area
  • Regular updates of our progress can be found on your Neighbourhood Team’s local Twitter page

Let’s Catch Up

  • In addition, your local Neighbourhood Inspector will be giving you an opportunity to meet with them once every four months
  • You can use this as a chance to talk to them about any individual concerns. You can find details of your next Inspector’s meeting on your local team pages or in their regular Inspector Blogs posted on our social media
  • And don’t forget, your Neighbourhood Team are still holding regular Police meetings. You can also call or email your local ward team – full details on the Gwent Police Website

Please help us to help you by completing The Your Voice Survey.