Joint Legal Services

South Wales Police and Gwent Police Joint Legal Services (JLS) is a strategic alliance between South Wales Police and Gwent Police. It was established in April 2010.

JLS provides legal support and services to its four respective clients – the Chief Constables of South Wales and Gwent Police, South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner and Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner. The four clients were fully supportive in the establishment of JLS.

We are justly proud that JLS was the first collaborative joint venture legal services team within a police environment in the whole of the United Kingdom. The business model for the establishment of the JLS has been very successful – so successful in fact that most collaborative joint legal services departments being established in the United Kingdom are done so on the Gwent / South Wales Model.

The JLS business model is split into four key areas:

  • Litigation
  • Operational Policing
  • Corporate
  • Employment

JLS is one team spread over two geographical locations, namely; South Wales Police Headquarters in Bridgend and Gwent Police Headquarters in Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran. The JLS team is virtual, ensuring adequate resilience to our clients in the respective business areas detailed above.