Services Incurring a Fee

You, your solicitor or insurance company can request a copy of a crime or accident (road traffic collision) report and in some circumstances other documentation that is associated with these cases. 

To obtain this information you will need to complete the Request for Information Disclosure Form and make the necessary payment.  All costs are listed below. 

Payment can be made by cheque payable to 'The Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent'.  If you wish to pay by debit card please make contact with the Information Disclosure Unit on 01495 745442.

Completed forms must be sent to:

Information Disclosure Unit, Gwent Police Headquarters, Croesyceiliog, Cwmbran, NP44 2XJ.

Copy of Accident Report (full extract up to 30 pages) £96.50
Limited Particulars (RT Act details) £34.30
Pocket Note Book £30.00
Fatals - Accident Investigation Report £414.00
Fatals - Reconstruction Video £82.60
Rough Data (per page) £27.50
Copy of Scale Plan - other than in Collision Report £41.40
Copy of Police Vehicle Examination Report (unless provided as full extract) £68.80
Copy of Collision Investigation Report (unless provided as full extract) £68.80
From digital camera (per disc) £20.30
Copies of CDs/DVDs £20.00
Copy of existing statement (per statement) £35.40
Copy of existing Witness Statement (witness agrees to disclosure of personal details) £41.40
Copy of existing Witness Statement (witness does not agree to disclosure of personal details) £55.10
Interview with Police Officer (per Officer) £138.90
Request for a Statement to be written by Police Officer 138.90
Copy of interview record 55.10
One set £77.70
Additional sets thereafter (each) £38.80
Request for information (up to 2 hours work) £87.40
Hourly rate for work above 2 hours (incl. redaction) £29.20
Request (crime/lost property number, etc.) - MOU App D(a)29.20
Request (In response to specific questions) - MOU App D(b)124.40
Interview with Police Officer (per Officer) - MOU Para 4.5138.90
Crime Report £87.50
MG5 £34.90
MG3 £34.90
Incident Log (ORIS/STORM) £35.60
PNC Convictions £34.90
Caution Certificate £22.90
Domestic Violence Report £52.60
Occurrence Summary £17.60
Custody Record £17.60
Firearms Certificate Issue £88.00
Firearms Certificate Renewal £62.00
Firearms Certificate Replacement £4.00
Shotgun Certificate Grant £79.50
Shotgun Certificate Renewal £49.00
Shotgun Certificate Replacement £4.00
Shotgun Certificate grant (co-terminus/including Firearms Certificate) £90.00
Shotgun Certificate Renewal (co-terminus/including Firearms Certificate) £65.00
Visitors Permit (Individual) £20.00
Visitors Firearms (Group) £100.00
Home Office Club Approval £84.00
Registered Firearms Dealer registration £200.00
Registered Firearms Dealer renewal £200.00
Game Fairs £13.00
Variation (not like for like) 20.00
Firearms Museum Licence 200.00
Other Licensing Fees  
Aliens Certificates 34.00
Peddler Certificates 12.25