Our Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures provide guidance and direction to Officers and Staff.  They also ensure Officers and Staff comply with the Law and Regulations, support key priorities and recognise College of Policing Authorised Professional Practice.

By clicking on the following links you can download copies of Gwent Police Policies, Procedures and Equality Impact Assessments suitable for publication.


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Abnormal Loads   Procedure EIA
Acceptance of Gifts and Hospitality Policy Procedure EIA
Age Discrimination   Procedure  
Airwave   Procedure EIA
Annual Leave Policy and Guidance Policy   EIA
Anti-bribery and Corruption                                                                   Policy
Anti-social Behaviour



Armed Forces Reservists Policy    
Asbestos Policy   EIA
Attendance Management Procedure Staff Officers Guide


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Business Continuity Management Policy   EIA
Business Interests/ Secondary Employment  Procedure EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Capability Procedure for Police Staff   Procedure  
Career Break   Procedure EIA
Caught and in Court   Procedure EIA
Charging Regime and Policies Web Page    
Community Impact Assessment   Procedure
Compassionate, Dependant and Emergency Leave   Procedure  
Complaints - Direction and Control   Procedure EIA
Contamination of Blood Borne Viruses   Procedure EIA
Control of Contractors   Procedure  
Control of Noise   Procedure EIA
Crime Recording Policy Procedure EIA
Current Vacancies Web Page    


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Data Protection Policy Procedure  

Dignity at Work                                                                             


Disability and Employment


 Procedure (Welsh)






Disciplinary Procedure for Police Staff

 Procedure EIA
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)   Procedure EIA
Display Screen Equipment   Procedure  
Dogs Policy    
Domestic Abuse Policy   EIA
Dress Code   Procedure EIA
Drones (Unmanned Aerial Systems) Policy   EIA
Drugs, Alcohol & Substance Misuse or Abuse Testing Policy   EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Event Planning Policy   EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Fairness at Work  


Procedure (Welsh)

Fire Safety Evacuation Guide Procedure  
First Aid   Procedure  EIA
Flexible Retirement   Procedure  EIA
Flexible Working   Procedure  EIA
Freedom of Information Policy Procedure  EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Hate Crime, External Policy Procedure EIA
Health and Safety Procedure EIA
How to make a complaint Web Page    


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Inclement Weather - Reporting for Duty   Procedure EIA
Independent Advisory Group Policy   EIA
Independent Police Complaints Commission Web Site    
Information Asset Management Policy   EIA
Information SecurityPolicy   EIA
Internet and email acceptable use  Procedure EIA
Interpreters And Translator Policy Policy Procedure EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Lawful Business Monitoring Policy    
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Liaison Officers   Procedure EIA
Licence to Lead Policy   EIA
Licensing Policy Policy   EIA
Limited Duties   Procedure EIA
Lone Worker   Procedure  


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Major Incident Preparedness Policy Procedure EIA
Management Intervention Procedure   Procedure EIA
Manual Handling   Procedure  
Medical Integrity Policy   EIA
Mental Heath in the Workplace   Procedure EIA
Missing Person Policy   EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Notifiable Associations   Procedure EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Organisational Change   Procedure  


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Personal and Operational Safety Policy Procedure EIA
Police National Computer Policy   EIA
Police Reform - Section 59   Procedure EIA
Police use of Vehicles   Procedure EIA
Policing Fast Roads   Procedure  
Policy Development   Procedure EIA
Post Entry Training Scheme   Procedure EIA
Professional Standards Reporting Policy Procedure EIA
Promotion Selection   Procedure EIA
Property Handling (Lost & Found)   Procedure EIA
Property Handling (Police Property Act Hearings)   Procedure EIA
Publication of Miscellaneous Property   Procedure  


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Records Management Policy   EIA
Rejoiners   Procedure EIA
Ride Along Scheme   Procedure EIA
Risk Management Policy   EIA
Road Traffic Collisions   Procedure EIA
Roadside Breath Testing   Procedure EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
School Beat - All Wales Policy   
School Beat - All Wales - CymraegPolicy    
Secondment   Procedure EIA
Security Industry Authority Policy    
Security Industry Authority Door Supervisors   Procedure  
Service Confidence Policy   EIA
Smoking   Procedure EIA
Speed Complaints  Procedure EIA
Sponsorship (Joint) - OPCC & Gwent Police PolicyProcedure  
Stop and Search Policy   EIA
Strategic Equality Plan Web Page    
Surveillance Policy   EIA
Sustainable Procurement Policy Policy   EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Transferee's   Procedure EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Vehicle Defect Rectification Scheme   Procedure EIA
Vehicle Recovery   Procedure EIA
Victims of Crime Code of Practice    
Voicemail Policy   EIA
Voluntary Attendance for Interview Policy   EIA


Downloadable Policies & Procedures
Witness Care Policy Procedure EIA